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We are an ICT company that specializes in ICT consultancy, internet applications development, retail and inventory management systems.To further our expertise and maintain our reputation in technology and business industry, we supply only products that exceeds our customers expectation of value and quality.

Mobile Application

We have a varied software solution for every business need. As it is, not one software is applicable to all businesses,it has to be customized to fit into the requirements and the need of your business.

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Business consultancy

We provide a one stop solution for project consultation.when an industrialist doesn’t have much information prior to starting a project; we go all-out to provide them with technology evaluation.

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Proffessional Training

We have an ERP system that helps organizations manage their financials, supply chain,operations, and human resources which makes all your processes come together for easy collaboration.

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We use latest web technologies, industrial and engineering standards to deliver our services.We are driven by a dynamic relationship between the international markets and local users of measurement technologies. We have opened the extension of IT- Industrial Automation department which is established to focus on Wet stock managements and Fuel monitoring systems

Automatic Tank Gauging Systems

Maglink LX

Manages up to 32 tanks,Colour resistive touch-screen TFT 7"display,Web access WI-FI connection(optional), IFSF compliance (optional),Tank strapping table stored in NV RAM up to 500 points and Inches/Gallon option (optional)

 3D Laser Tank Calibration

This equipment allows to perform the measure of the ability of a container(airspace),provided inspected from above.A measuring rod rotated by a motor,screwed or pushed by a carriage,enters the vessels from cubare thus allowing to detect.

Tanker Truck Automation

This automated system that controls the dispensing of fuel from mobile tankers is finally practical. Until now, all tanker systems were an afterthought.International solutions has taken a completely different approach bringing easy to use system.

Retail solutions

INTERNATIONAL solutions provides integrated, end-to-end solutions to the retail industries. All our solutions, including integrated front office and back office solutions designed to optimize and streamline retail workflows...

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Business solutions

Your business requires you to take care of multiple processes simultaneously. You have to manage your books of account, take care of your inventory, compute taxation,manage your customers and clients,business intelligence and many more.

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Fiscal solutions

Meet the needs of regulated markets with this reliable, affordable  POS printer. Fast, flexible and easy to use, it’s very compact but includes free space to integrate fiscal modules and adapt to the future of your business.

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International Solutions 'Innovation Without Boundaries'

Dreams for you and your clients around the world !

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide and support clients and partners with cutting edge design and enterprise web based and desktop applications that ultimately allow them to innovate, create and profit.

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