One Team -  One Goal - International Solutions

 We are a great team and we work together to make it happen. When it comes to quality and hard work, Team International Solutions is amazing.

Our Goal

We want to contribute to the Content Management System and the world wide web community. We need to earn a living but in doing so, we want to help people too do the same.

How did we get our name

International Solutions is variation of every country's relation to other nations that is often described to bring a global community together. We promote global communities and representation of different countries business concerns. The solutions we provide are digital in nature and encompasses the modern worldwide technology connectivity, which concerns information, communication and technology. International Solutions is an IT company with integrated and innovation – led solutions. We provide hardware, software and website development services. The company is based in Nairobi, Kenya, with deeply productive solutions. We grow our client’s businesses by creating effective, unique software solutions. We provide IT consultation services to companies looking to improve their business processes by identifying their needs and requirements as well as implement suitable solutions at present and in the future.