Product Overview

SAT-803 is dual module Iridium&GSM tracker, especially for vehicles with lower price and anti-theft features, which combines with Iridium SBD and GPRS to send gps data globally.

It is suitable for global vessel tracking solutions at lower cost by intelligent working mode. Best choice for air, sea, mountain, desert, etc, anywhere on earth in global.


The only true global satellite communication service in the world, Iridium delivers essential communications services to and from remote areas where no other form of communications is available, its constellation consists of 66 satellites that provide complete coverage of the earth-including oceans, airways and Polar Regions.


  • Anti-theft
  • Dual mode communication: iridium SBD and GPRS
  • Auto choosing communication channel, GPRS is top priority
  • Global GPS location tracking
  • Relative lower monthly cost
  • SOS
  • Geo-fence
  • Support transparent two-way data transmission.
  • Full coverage in global, no blind area.
  • Very high reliability and relatively low in communication cost.


Truck (mining truck, cross-border vehicle), Helicopter(medicine, off-shore oil, tour and air-taxi service), Ship(yacht, container ship), Luxury car.

Technical Specification


      Dimension: 66mm(W)*30mm(H)*110mm(L)        Weight: 270g
      Shell Material: Aluminium Alloy        Operation voltage: 9V to 36V DC
      Standby battery: 500mAH Li-ion battery        Max input voltage: 36V
      Max operation current:<This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.        TX/RX current: <350 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
      Sleep current: <95mA@ 13.8V        Operation temperature:-30℃ to 70℃
      Storage temperature:-40℃ to 85℃           Relative humidity:5% ~ 95%
      Positional accuracy: <15m         Frequency range: GSM 900/1800MHz,GPS 1575.42MHz

Standard Package


      Main unit        Power Cable                                                                                                  
      GPS antenna        G-mouse
      Iridium antenna(square)        Multi function cable
      CD (user manual)        SOS button

Optional Accessory


      Power & fuel supply cut-off relay        Camera                                                                                                                                            
      Temperature sensor        Iridium antenna(waterproof)
      Microphone        Handsfree speaker
      USB setting cable        Buzzer