Product Overview

MPIP-618W-A combined with OBD diagnostic module for Passenger Car&Business Vehicle. It can do location tracking, enti-theft, vehicle diagnostic analysis, fuel consumption statistics, fuel lever reading, mileage statistic, maintenance reminder, driving behavior analysis and RFID attendance statistics.etc.

It has Standard OBD port (16P/9P/6P), this port can support our OBD module (HT-192B), quick&easy installation to all kinds car. The most popular and multi-functional vehicle terminal with various accessories, wide range use for Fleet management and professional service solution.



  • High GPS and GSM sensitivity 
  • Support Quad band GSM&GPRS Network(850/900/1800/1900Mhz)
  • Configurable via COTA, SMS command, and PC software
  • GPS  tracking (Send position via GPRS or SMS)
  • Compatible with OBD module HT-192B (optional)
  • Intelligent alarms: SOS alarm, ignition status alarm, abnormal temperature alarm, abnormal water temperature alarm, fatigue driving    alarm, speeding alarm, route yaw alarm, rate-limiting of route sections alarm, geo-fence, high RPM alarm, door open alarm, GPS fault alarm,  low voltage alarm.
  • Mileage statistics
  • Maintenance reminder
  • ŸFuel consumption statistics
  • ŸData   Memory
  • ŸEngine stop
  • Monitoring, hands-free call
  • ŸImage capture (1 channel /4 channel camera optional)
  • Driving behavior analysis ( HT-196): Real-time statistics of impact detection, sharpturning, hard acceleration,hard deceleration, quick lane changing, etc.(optional)
  • ŸFOTA (Firmware updating via GPRS)


Logistics Vehicles, Engineering Vehicles, Dangerous Goods Vehicles, Taxi Rental, Public Transportation Vehicle.

Technical Specification

* Dimension: 66mm*30mm*110mm * Weight: 260g                  
Protective leverage: Aluminum alloy IP30

Operation voltage : 9-36 VDC                                                                                          

Working temperature: -30℃ to 70℃

Backup battery: 3.7V/600mAH lithium battery     

Normal currency: 85mA stand-by power  

Data: GPRS

* Max. currency: <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (Not including accessories)

GSM frequency: Quad- band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 

* Positioning mode: GPS  (Global Positioning System) 

* GPS chipset: SIRF 3 high sensitivity chipset 

Positioning location accuracy: 15m

Positioning speed accuracy: 0.1m/s     

Certificates: FCCCEE-Mark

SOS button/LED indicator: LED Indicator /SOS

I/O port: 5 input(4 digital switching or analog input, 1 digital switching input) 


Standard Package

* Main unit * Multi-functional cable                    

* GSM antenna                                                                                          

* SOS button 

* Power Cable
* CD disc (manual)

* Car fuse

* SOS button

Optional Accesories

Camera * HT-192B                    
192B convertor commercial vehicle(16pin)

* 192B convertor commercial vehicle(9pin)                                                                                          

192B convertor commercial vehicle(6pin)



Hands free speaker

Temperature sensor Fuel sensor
Fuel sensor calibrator USB serial port cable