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Subject: Support Service Level Agreement


The document illustrates the connection between client support activities that need to be accomplished and the project involved that is developed by International Solutions engineers.

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) identifies what International Solutions customers can typically expect from us with regard to day-to-day online application and website support. It specifies the services and commitments of International Solutions and the expectations and obligations of the client.

International Solutions’ standard terms and conditions for the supply of hosting services are also applicable to clients to whom International Solutions also provide infrastructure services, included in the annual support contract.

  • All system bugs fixes relating to accepted functionality / content developed by International Solutions.
  • Requests for minor content changes.
  • Functional or behavioral site changes or development
  • Large scale graphical or styling changes
  • Site optimizations for browser compatibility
  • Repeat or large scale training requirements

Due to the complex & technical nature of the product provided to you, International Solutions will use our extensive experience and good judgment to determine whether an item of work can be included or excluded within the existing support agreement.

Contacting US

The client service department is staffed between 9:00am and 5:30pm Monday-Friday (defined as office hours) excluding public holidays, responses can only be provided during this time.

In order to get the best service from International Solutions a description of the services, how they should be used, responses and responsibilities are listed below:

Client Services – Customer response

There is a dedicated support email account to raise and manage all enquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Extensive support is available on extended hours upto 8 pm on email to aid with efficiency of the client’s products and services maintenance or urgent products & servicesfor forthcoming changes.

Support contacts have shared visibility of each other’s email. In order to ensure effective lines of communication are maintained.

Support service will be followed up and referenced in our responses, which should be quoted in all further communications relating to the issue raised.

Responsibilities of Those Making a Request

Whenever possible, you should contact International Solutions support email whilst logged in to the relevant application. All issues will be entered and updated in a word press application. Clients should always attempt to provide the following information when raising an issue.

  • Full description of problem(s)
  • Full description of any error message(s)
  • Full URL (s) where the problem was experienced
  • User Log on details (for security reasons the password should be provided verbally)
  • Time and date when the problem was experienced
  • Browser and Operating System versions
  • Screen shot(s) – attached via the Client Services Customer Portal

All contact should be made via an authorized named contact. This person is someone in your organization who is recognized by International Solutions as being authorized to contact International Solutions for support services.

Responsibilities of International Solutions

International Solutions will confirm that the support and license contract is fully paid up before responding to any support queries.

All messages requiring action (and follow-up) are sent into our support email account. Requests for work will be scheduled according to an assigned priority and availability of staff resources.

During office hours, the telephone is answered as soon as possible by a member of the support team, and is not an automated call system.

All issues will receive an initial response within 4 hours, or the next business day to verify a problem exists and/or set up a time for resolution.

Reasonable Use Policy

International Solutions serves its clients by providing a single point of contact to the International Solutions Client Services team. Support is provided to named client contacts only and is provided on a ‘reasonable use’ basis. In order to ensure a consistently good service level is provided to all customers, support usage is actively monitored and reported back to you. In the event that we believe your support usage is no longer deemed to be within our ‘reasonable limits’ and will have an impact on other customers then a new agreement will be proposed. A mutually acceptable solution of an increase in support fees, an alternative support model, or a reduction of support usage will need to be reached.

Actions and response times

Resolution time can be affected by speed of feedback from the client, as well as previously unknown issues being uncovered during issue investigation. Response time will be communicated on email depending on issue raised.

Also depending on the level of priorities based on the issue:

Key: Critical priority, High priority, Medium priority, Low priority