Automated fuel management system NaftaPanel


NaftaPanel is an automated fuel management system for petrol stations on the basis of NaftaPOS software, panel PC and PTS controller. Application of the panel PC allows to use the system comfortably in the places, where it is difficult to install stationaly POS terminal or personal computer.


Automated fuel management system NaftaPanel


Fuel management system NaftaPanel Management system for petrol stations NaftaPanel

NaftaPanel general view
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Application of NaftaPOS software provides the following options:

  • provision of control over technological processes and forecourt equipment (fuel dispensers, ATG systems, price boards, car washes, others)
  • automated measurement and commercial account at petroleum products
  • provision of sales of retails products using various payment forms
  • automated reporting over petrol station operation history during a selected period of time
  • provision and account of personnel operation of petrol station
  • provision of discount and fuel cards system for customers
  • remote monitoring over petrol station operation (optional)
  • remote reporting over operation of a petrol station network (optional)


Application of PTS controller allows support of more than 70 brands of fuel dispensers of various manufacturers, between which you can find: Wayne Dresser Europe, Wayne Dresser Brasil, Gilbarco Veeder Root, Tokheim, Nuovo Pignone, Wayne Pignone, Tatsuno Japan, Tatsuno Europe, Tatsuno Rus, Tokico, Bennett, Petrotec, Salzkotten, FAS, Adast, MM Petro ZAP, Emgaz Dragon, Galileo, Kraus, Welma, PEC (Gallagher), Develco, Logitron, Kalvacha, Safe, Wayne Meksan, Mekser, Mepsan, 2A, Petposan, Petrolmeccanica, Batchen, Email, EuroPump, Baransay, Sanki, Korea EnE, LG EnE, SOMO Petro, HongYang, Blue Sky, GreenField, Falcon, Dong Hwa Prime, EPCO, Slavutich, Shelf, UniCon, UniGaz and others. Also supports of various types of automatic tank gauge (ATG) systems of various manufactures is granted, such as Gilbarco Veeder Root, OPW, Hectronic, Struna, PetroVend, Start Italiana, Fafnir, Assytech, VEGA, Windbell and others. Detailed information on the supported communication protocols please find on this webpage.


Petrol station management solution

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  • Visualization and supervision of petrol station activity real-time (locally and remotely) - NaftaPOS software provides a easy possibility to monitor all the forecourt equipment operation online and inform about all malfunctions and events.
  • Convenient operation without any professional training because of intuitive, explicit and clear user interface and operation procedures
  • Flexible adjustment of petrol station operation - NaftaPOS system supports several ways of operation, which are flexible to set and adjusted to country local traditional specific ways of operation and rules
  • Easy customization of user interface with selection of a graphical skin, position and size of windows and elements, their details
  • Flexibility in creation and configuration of templates for printed receipts provides a possibility to make printed receipts of any kinds (text, images, sizes of receipts no matter which printer is used for printing them)
  • Easy-to-read reporting and graphic statistic makes petrol station work efficient and brings maximum profit to its owner and reduce the cost of petrol station management
  • Remote data gathering from a petrol station provides a possibility for petrol station owner to supervise petrol station activity everywhere and every moment and make the owner of petrol station a fully-fledged master of all operations and transactions through remote monitoring of petrol station activity and sales
  • Support of a bonus discount loyalty and payment card system for attracting new customers and keeping existing customers
  • Supports over 45 communication protocols of fuel dispensers and ATG systems. Application of PTS controller over fuel dispensers and ATG systems gives a possibility to easily connect to any of the supported fuel dispensers. Rich set of interface converters for connection to fuel dispensers provides compatibility with various kinds of input interfaces.
  • Scalability - NaftaPOS system is developed with taking into account all the modern requirements to systems for automation of petrol stations. It is as relevant to small petrol stations, as it is to big petrol complexes with organization of several working places of cashiers, administrator (Back-Office) of a petrol station, central Head-Office for management and planning and provision of loyalty card system for customers.
  • Possibility to provide control over same fuel dispensers from several NaftaPOS systems - Several NaftaPOS systems can be installed on the same petrol station and share common equipment and database.
  • Easy localization to any international language
  • Trial version of the system is avaiable for customers willing to test the system
  • Easy updating - NaftaPOS is easy to be updated, when updates are installed, all of system database, software and hardware adjustments are kept. All new updates are available for download to all existing customers. Easy way to back up and restore NaftaPOS controller configuration between updates.
  • Support by developers - 24 hour support to all customers of NaftaPOS software on any standing issues.


Panel PC can be supplied by TECHNOTRADE LPD company or can be selected by a customer personally. Minimal requirements to the panel PC are the following:

  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 60 GB flash memory
  • Presence of Windows OS (supported versions of Windows OS: XP, Embedded POSReady 2009, Vista, 7, 8, Server)


NaftaReports has a web-portal to provide:

  • formation of reports on operation of petrol stations in various views for analytics and statistics of petrol stations activity to provide decisions for optimization of petrol stations operation;
  • online monitoring of each petrol station activity (fuel dispensers operation, remains and parameters of fuel in tanks, current working shift operations) to provide control over personnel at petrol station and security;


WEB reporting system and online monitoring for petrol stationsOperation of NaftaPOS web-portal for collection of data from NaftaPanel systems
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Thus using a standard web-browser it is possible to receive reports on operation of NaftaPOS systems at petrol stations and also to monitor their activity online:

NaftaPOS web reporting system for gas stations NaftaPOS web reporting system for filling stations
NaftaPOS web reporting system for petrol kiosk NaftaPOS web reporting system for petrol garage
Web reporting of NaftaPanel operation and online monitoring through a web-browser
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Operation with NaftaCards fuel cards system

NaftaReport terminal has a possibility of operation with NaftaCards fuel cards system for petrol stations, which allows to use fuel cards with fuel volume, money and discount wallets for sales.

The system allows to replace usage of cash and coupons to more reliable and convenient settlements using fuel and money cards. Card of the NaftaCards system can be used for filling with petrol at petrol station and reception of a discount.

The system allows to issue fuel and discount cards for customers and also to lead management over cards and account of all sales using these cards with management over accounts of customers and possibility to set flexible system of discounts.


NaftaCards fuel cards systemOperation of NaftaPanel with NaftaCards fuel cards system
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NaftaCards fuel cards system for petrol stations NaftaCards fuel cards system for gas stations
NaftaCards fuel cards system for gasoline stand NaftaCards fuel cards system for service stations
NaftaCards fuel cards system for petrol bunk NaftaCards fuel cards system for fuel refilling stations

NaftaCards system operation with NaftaPanel
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